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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a medical weight loss program help me?

A Medical weight loss program can help most people. Any amount of weight loss is beneficial. Studies have shown that as little as 10 percent weight loss can markedly improve obesity related health problems.

Do I qualify for medical weight loss program?

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) shows that you are considered “overweight,” 25 or above and if you are either 18 years of age or older you qualify for our Medical weight loss program of Tri-State.

Why should I consider Medical weight loss program of Tri-State?

Our Weight loss program is extremely comprehensive in both evaluation and management of patients with obesity.  We offer counseling in different aspects of care including Nutrition, Exercise and Behavioral Modification. Patients are thoroughly evaluated by a physician for the causes of obesity and its related disorders with individualized approach to each patient. The treatment program is based on current medical problems, weight loss goals and the patient’s lifestyle. We know that one size may not fit all. We tailor a method that is practical and guides you through each step of the process to reach your goal.

Do I have to eat special foods or weight loss supplements?

We can structure any kind of diet that is nutritionally sound including very low calorie diets with supplements and low calorie diets with real foods or a combination of both. We prefer to use real foods and teach you using real life situations.

Do you offer medication to help me with my Weight loss program?

Medications can be helpful for some patients, but the decision is based upon the patient’s needs.

I’ve heard that weight-loss program expenses can be deducted. Is this true?

Under certain circumstances, weight-loss program expenses prescribed by a doctor may be tax-deductible. You need to consult a tax adviser for more information.