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July 4th, 2014 by

All You Can Eat. For many, a restaurant with that phrase attached is a delight, but for a dieter or someone who is watching what their eating, that phrase can be a panic-inducing nightmare. So how can you go to one of these places that is seemingly designed with overeating in mind and not break your diet? Use the tips below:


Use smaller plates and keep portions in mind: For many of us, we’re conditioned to fill our plate to the brim and then eat until our plate is clean. Doing this throws portion control out the window. Use a smaller plate and keep portion sizes in mind. Here’s what a serving size looks like.

Don’t Look!: When sitting down, looking at the food can make it more tempting to get up and get more. Instead, face away from the food, engage in conversation, and take your mind away (at least for a little bit) from grabbing another round.

Choose Wisely: Having a good diet is about making the right decisions. Take a stroll around the buffet before you grab any food so you know what the choices are, where the healthier options like salad and fruit are so you can start there. Knowing your options will allow you to negotiate what you will have and what you’ll be abstaining from.

Remember, moderation is key to a good diet. Once moderation is lost, that’s where overindulgence begins. Keep this as well as the other tips in mind the next time you go to the buffet, it may be the difference between being content with your meal, or having the regret that comes with knowing you have eaten too much.

If you have any other ideas for keeping your diet feel free to leave a comment in the box below.


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