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June 20th, 2014 by

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, more than half of the American population doesn’t participate in any type of regular exercise.  Let’s work to change this statistic with one of the easiest forms of exercise – walking!

Brisk walking has shown to produce the same results as aerobics, jogging, and other strenuous exercises. In fact, a recent Harvard study shows that women can decrease their chances of heart disease by 40% when they walk at a moderate pace for 3 hours a week (30 minutes a day). The benefits are equally beneficial for men, and both sexes will see an improvement in circulation, breathing, immune system, and weight control.

Interested in adding walking to your exercise routine? Follow these tips:

  • Sturdy well cushioned shoes
  • Take long smooth strides
  • Bend your elbows at about a 90-degree angle and keep them close to your sides. Swing your arms back and forth as you walk
  • Keep your head level
  • Take deep breathes

Have a busy schedule? Find a way to make time in your day for a brisk walk.  Whether it’s taking your dog for a walk before work, taking a walk during your lunch break, or getting a breath of fresh air after dinner, take advantage of opportunities you have to fit in a brisk walk.

Walking is one of the simplest, and safest, ways to burn calories (one mile burns approximately 100 calories). So if going to the gym or running around the track isn’t for you, try a brisk walk on for size and enjoy the benefits!

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