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April 11th, 2014 by

In these tough economic times, wise spending and money saving have become increasingly more important. But, how about adding living a healthy lifestyle to your budget-friendly list? Not only will it help you look and feel better, but it can help keep your money in your pockets too! Here’s how:

Drinking Water: An important part of all body functions and processes, water, in most cases, is free, but also does not contain the sugar, carbohydrates and calories found in many other drinks.  And – drinking non-caloric drinks like water before a meal can help you feel full sooner and longer!

Transportation:  We’ve grown accustomed to driving or using public transportation wherever we’re going, regardless of how short a distance our destination may be.  Use short, local trips as an opportunity to exercise by walking or biking. You’ll burn calories, feel more energized, and spend less of your budget on fees, gas, and car maintenance!

Health Care:  Every dollar spent on wellness, saves as much as $5 on illness. How? Unhealthy lifestyles often lead to health complications, which cost money to cure.  A recent Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota study showed that people who exercised at least 8 times a month had:

  • 39% fewer emergency room visits
  • 41% lower hospital admissions
  • 18% lower overall claims cost

Kick Bad Habits: Leading a healthy lifestyle also means you’re avoiding bad habits like smoking, which not only costs money, but can lead to medical conditions you’ll need to seek treatment for.

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