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January 22nd, 2014 by

his holiday season, as your social calendar fills up and you find less spare time to fit in a workout, look for ways to burn extra calories in many of the activities you already plan to partake in. Use these non-traditional activities to help burn off the extra calories consumed in some of your favorite seasonal snacks.

Hanging Lights: Turn this holiday activity into a low-impact workout by focusing on using your core to stabilize you, isolating different muscles and working on your balance.

Amount burned in 1 hour of stringing lights: About 200 calories

Ice Skating: Take your friends and family over to the local ice rink for a fun filled winter treat. Your laps around the rink are a great way to burn a substantial amount of calories.

Amount burned in 1 hour of ice skating: About 534 calories

Shopping: To give is to receive. In buying presents and lugging shopping bags around the local mall, you’ll burn calories and strengthen your arm muscles. So remember, the heavier the bag the better the workout.

Amount burned in 1 hour of shopping: About 274 calories

Stacking Firewood: Stock up on firewood to have on-hand for a cold winter night. Lifting and piling can burn a few calories and make snuggling up with a warm hot cocoa near the fire even more rewarding.

Amount burned in 1 hour of ice skating: About 190 calories

Do you have any calorie-burning holiday activities? Leave them in the box below and spread some holiday cheer!

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