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October 1st, 2013 by

Let’s face it, our lives are busy; our days are spent at work, running errands, taking care of our children, and a million other tasks in between. In the end, there’s not a lot of me time. As a result, our health takes a backseat to all the other things we need to do. But, it doesn’t need to be this way! Use the tips below to fit fitness into your day:

  1. 1.   Schedule your workouts: When you plan things ahead of time, you’re more likely to do them. Put your workout on the calendar—in pen—to dedicate time to your health.
  2. 2.   Bag your lunch: Menus, with all their appetizing pictures, tempt us when we’re hungry. By packing your lunch, you’ll control the portions and calories of what you eat, and be just as satisfied afterwards.
  3. 3.   Make going to the gym convenient: Sign up for a gym close to your job or that you pass on your way home, this way it’s conveniently located and not something you need to go out of your way to get to.
  4. 4.   Weekend workouts: In most cases, we have more free time during the weekend. Use this extra time to be active: take a stroll around the block, make up for a missed mid-week workout, go for a bike ride, or more!

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