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March 14th, 2014 by

Say I don't to temptation

During the road to weight loss, temptations can arise on a regular basis. How you deal with one temptation can have an effect on how you deal with the next. Researchers from the University of Houston and Boston College conducted a study that showed people who respond to temptation by saying I don’t are more likely to stay on their diet as compared to people that respond with I can’t.

According to a journal news release published by the researchers:

This insight is based on the notion that saying ‘I can’t’ to temptation inherently signals deprivation and the loss from giving up something desirable…The ‘I don’t’ strategy boosted people’s feelings of autonomy, control and self-awareness. This strategy also created a positive change in their long-term behavior, such as renewed dedication to weight loss.

I don’t displays the confidence of willfully resisting something, whereas I can’t makes it seem as though you want to, but something is holding you back. Mindset is a big part of the weight lossprocess and being fully invested in all aspects is vital. If you have any more ways for people to say strong through their weight loss process or resisting temptations feel free to comment below.

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