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October 28th, 2013 by

We all know what happens. You start a work out plan and it goes well for a while, until real life factors start getting in the way. After a busy day you want to go home and partake in life’s little pleasures. You want to play with your kids, tune into your favorite television shows, take a much needed nap, and by the time you look at the clock it’s time for bed! The day hastily passed you by, leaving no time to fit in the workout you promised yourself you would do.
With a little ingenuity, you can take some small steps that can ultimately make a big difference! Exercising does not always have to be a dedicated moment laced with running shoes and sweatpants; there are many tricks to working in a workout throughout your day.

  1. Stand Up and Walk Around: People tend to hunch over their keyboard, typing away, never taking a moment to step back, stretch their legs, and walk around. Try to get up every hour to walk around for 3-4 minutes. The time away from your computer will be good for your heart and mind.
  2. Talk to Your Co-Workers Face-to-Face Instead of Calling: Every so often, put the handset down, stand up, and walk over to your co-worker to hold your discussion. Not only does this personal interaction cultivate working relationships, it gives you an excuse for a little bit of exercise.
  3. Park Further: Don’t scour the parking lots for the spaces closest to the door; make a conscious effort to park further away. The extra minute or two to walk will give you a few extra steps each day and another small way to be a bit more active.
It’s the little things that count, even when it comes to a healthy lifestyle!

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